Jesus Our Boss, Inc. has many talented individuals who have a lot to share. Over the coming weeks and months, we will share thoughts, ideas, direction, words of wisdom and other information we desire to share with you. Please come back often to dialog with us on areas we are passionate about. Together we will lift each other up with encouragement, grace and love in our journey here on earth with our Lord and Savior. Please visit our blog page.

Jesus Our Boss, Inc. was originally started in 1998 by board member Chuck Lidberg. And over the years J.O.B. has helped many with finding work, finding encouragement and finding the Lord. The growth and direction the Lord is leading us in like the Mentoring program provides us with many tools to help those with addictions, coming out of prison and dead-end lifestyles. This is J.O.B.'s breakout year. Please visit our about us page.

Jesus Our Boss, Inc. desires your input. We strive daily to grow and stretch in not only providing a laser focus on the programs we offer, but in making channels of communication accessible so we can hear your input. Our home page provides a lot of information, and the inside pages will provide more details in helping to learn about us and find ways to get in touch. Please reach out and let us know. Please visit our contact us page.

Jesus Our Boss, Inc. is young when it comes to staffing. The majority of work is done by volunteers. We have been extremely fortunate to have our programs lead by people who have generously given of their time and resources. Our needs are ever changing as we grow, and some of our work is being groomed to be paid positions. Many are still volunteer based, but may turn to paid positions. Please visit our career page.

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